Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Ghost Of Razgriz

Amidst the eternal waves of time,
From a ripple of change shall the storm rise,
Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon,
Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath.

The demon soars through dark skies,
Fear and death trail in its shadow beneath,
Until men united wield a hallowed sabre,
In final reckoning, the beast is slain.

As the demon sleeps man turns on man,
His blood and madness soon cover the earth,
From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz,
Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light.

-The Cypher-

//Content Encrypted: Stage 2.1 7G Black G.H.O.S.T Ops Program


For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing. A central point in between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of god. All held the finite and infinite as unrelated. None could foresee that the history of the two would become one. Without beginning or end, the ring stretches to infinite. Then nothingness was not, nor existence. There was no air then, nor heavens beyond it. Who covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed? Amidst the blue skies, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector... The flames of hatred scorch the skies, igniting Gaia's funeral pyre...

-The Cypher-

//Content Encrypted: Stage 2 7G Black G.H.O.S.T Ops Program

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Decoded Twilight Text

How do we know they love us?

Some may wonder how the god and his minions can love us. Do they not kill us to end such catastrophic events that going to be happen? Do they not cause pain and suffering to all? How could beings so bent on malevolence know love in their hearts?

There is simple answer to this ethical question. So simple it not be uttered?

Faith. Faith is the wellspring from which the joy of servitude showers us. Faith will keep us warm on the coldest Silithus nights. Faith will keep us in our Lords' good graces when the ending day arrive.

Faith will save us.

-The Cypher-

//Content Encrypted: Stage 1.1 7G Black G.H.O.S.T Ops Program

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Eye of the initiate, A Manifesto for the ages

The great secret of mankind is that only one social division has any real merit. We are a vast, divided room, a darkened cave, wherein one in millions holds a candle by which to see.

This great secret can be expressed in many ways: Evolution is not progress, it is adaptation: left to its own, life would simply exist, content to breed, to chew cud, to huddle together in darkness throughout all of time.

The spark of our awareness allows us to work relentlessly toward a single goal. The history of man is a distraction, not worth recording. The history of our order is the only true progress.

Concept of God, equality, nobility, artistic movement, psychological profiles, family or culture are all simple obfuscation. Freeman, slave, oppressor and oppressed are all meaningless titles. Only one designator matters: Enlightened. We pass the torch of knowledge to one another throughout the long climb of history.

We exist to propel ourselves into clarity. The uninitiated may reap the harvest of our labors, but they are only the warm pool of DNA from which we draw our numbers. We are a history-long conversation among the wise, the smallest minority. We are the only agenda.

-The Cypher-

//Content Encrypted: Stage 1 7G Black G.H.O.S.T Ops Program

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My 1st Post

Peace be upon you...
Hye!!! Whats up buddy!!!
And it is good to know ya...
Well, lets get it start... Today I just make something weird in my life....
What is it???

Its Blogging!!!

Seriously I never thought in my life to be infected by this technology overwhelming....
But in a sudden... Walla!!! I created it with full of my desire...

Anyway, my name is:
NASA aka Rocket...
"You Remember The Rocket, You Remember Me".
But I prefer to use my pen name....